Serving the triangle since 1986, with over 25,000 residential and commercial inspections performed.
How we can help you

We bring integrity, experience, education, and modern technology to the process. Descriptive reports, and support both before and after the purchase of your home.

A Little Of Our Story

Started in 1986, our team was instrumental in creating the licensing and testing requirements for North Carolina Home Inspectors. We have performed over 25,000 residential and commercial inspections since.

N.C. Licensed General Contractor

We have extensive experience both inspecting and building.

Radon Testing

We hold scientific level certification from AARST-NRPP and have performed over 10,000 tests in the triangle.

Drone Inspections

FAA Licensed UAS Pilot - We can get to places others cannot!

Thermal Imaging

Enhanced diagnostic measure for moisture issues and energy loss beyond what a visual inspection can determine.

A-1 House Inspectors is a family owned reputable company with stellar customer service. They are trustworthy and reliable in their findings. I will continue to utilize A-1 House Inspectors for all my future real estate transactions.

Stacey Daniels

I have utilized A1 House Inspectors services for the purchase of 2 homes so far. They were extremely thorough and detailed with the inspection of both homes. The most recent home inspected was an older home with the potential for a lot to be reported. Dave was incredibly patient with all of my questions and provided answers to my questions which made sense and allowed me to make prudent decisions about moving forward with the house. I highly recommend their services!

Kurt Koppel

If 10 stars were a choice that still wouldn't cover it! I'm a Real Estate Broker and there's a reason I've been work with A-1 House Inspectors for over 20 years now -- Dave Morris is extremely knowledgeable -- a walking encyclopedia when it comes to all things related to home inspections. He is also very professional, responsive and communicative. My clients know they can reach out to Dave anytime, even years after an inspection. He is truly a credit to his profession!!

Margie Ax

I've used A-1 House Inspectors a few times over the years, and have recommended them to all my friends, co-workers, and family. All of us have been nothing short of extremely happy with them.

David Baranski

I had the pleasure of working with A-1 to inspect a home my fiance and I were considering purchasing. From the inside, this house was meticulous and we had NO idea what was lurking behind the curtain. THE MONEY PIT! They spent several hours looking at every detail ,and then taking all the time necessary to explain everything and what its supposed to be. He saved me from a VERY expensive mistake. Thanks to his detective work, my fiance and I decided to walk away from this contract. We are thrilled to find another house that will also be inspected by A-1 to get their stamp of approval before we purchase. I would HIGHLY recommend Them. Detailed, high integrity, punctual. Awesome!

Marni Beau

David was referred to us by our realtor to perform a framing inspection. David was responsive to our questions and completed the inspection in a timely manner. The inspection report was thorough and easy to read. Would absolutely recommend David for any home inspections you may have.

Jay Jackson

David Morris did a wonderful job on our pre-drywall inspection, catching a handful of very important things that may have otherwise been missed. Our realtor also commented that the report was very thorough. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Ancona

Im a real estate broker. Ive been using A1 for over 20 years for a reason 😉
These guys seriously rule! Not only do they have the most professional And easy to navigate reports I’ve had the pleasure to work with (and I’ve seen A lot of em!!) .... but they always do an extremely thorough inspection and manage to get to my inspections in a timely manner. A1 will always be the first and only home inspectors I will ever personally hire....I cant thank you guys enough!!

Ketan Patel