There is a fast growing trend in the inspection community to sell your data for kickbacks, or other compensation to a variety of 3rd party vendors such as alarm, insurance, warranty, market data etc companies. Homebuyers are a much sought after consumer, as they typically purchase many goods and services soon after the closing. Many Inspectors profit between $50-$200 per inspection by selling your contact information to these businesses, who will in turn spam your phone and email in attempts to earn commissions from you. A-1 House Inspectors will never sell, release, or share your data with anyone. We believe your contact info and data are private. We will also never offer or include gimmicks such as short term “warranties” of virtually no value, or services outside our realm of operation that give a false sense of security. What we do specialize in is thoroughly evaluating your house, providing a concise report on the findings, and answering any questions you may have at any time. We are here to help by giving information so you can make an informed decision, not to profit from your data.