Home Inspections for Buyers

Our Home Inspections for Buyers thoroughly evaluate essential systems following SOP guidelines, including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components. We detail discovered issues with supporting photos or videos, advising on necessary actions. The report also covers the home’s construction materials and types, plus maintenance recommendations for optimal care.

Home Inspector General Contractor

Our Home Inspections for Sellers meticulously assess your property’s vital systems, adhering to SOP standards. We document any issues with comprehensive details and visual aids, recommending corrective actions. The report enriches your understanding of your home, offering insights into construction materials, structural types, and maintenance tips to ensure peak condition, preparing your property for a smooth sales process.

Radon Testing Raleigh Fuquay Cary

Radon Testing

Distinguished as one of the select few in North Carolina, our service offers Radon Measurements by professionals licensed through AARST-NRPP, showcasing a scientist-level understanding of radon’s properties, health, and environmental impacts. This certification underscores our deep proficiency in managing the complexities of radon detection and mitigation, ensuring your home’s safety and well-being.

Our Thermal Imaging service, akin to having “near-X-Ray Vision,” utilizes thermal cameras to unveil hidden issues within walls, floors, and ceilings. It’s adept at detecting non-visible issues like moisture buildups or energy loss, providing you with a deeper understanding of your property’s unseen conditions. This technology is instrumental in diagnosing areas of concern, offering a crucial layer of insight for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your home.

Thermal Camera Inspection

Our expert team employs advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to thoroughly assess your crawlspace, ensuring your home’s foundation remains both sturdy and safe. Get peace of mind with a detailed report that highlights any concerns and recommends actionable solutions for long-lasting protection.

Empower your property decisions with our expert Consultation services. Whether you’re contemplating a purchase, a sale, or a renovation, our seasoned professionals offer tailored advice to guide you through your real estate journey. Leveraging in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge analysis, we provide strategic insights and practical recommendations designed to maximize value and minimize risk.

In-depth knowledge built on decades of experience.

Descriptive, yet easy to read reports delivered the same night.

Multimedia such as images and video to give the full scope of the issues.

All Inspections are performed exclusively by us. We do not subcontract, or use trainees. Your Home Inspector will have performed a minimum of 10,000 inspections.

Your Home Inspector will present the findings with you in person, via Zoom, phone, or by email.

Communication – We are easy to contact and always willing to discuss your questions before, or any time after your purchase.

Resources for everything from maintenance to system replacements.

A-1 House Inspectors meets or exceeds the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Standards of Practice.