A-1 House Inspectors meets or exceeds the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Standards of Practice. 


  • Home Inspections for buyers and sellers: This includes testing all systems as required in the SOP including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We will document the issues found with detail, photos or video when applicable, and recommended action. The reports will also contain information about the home such as materials used in construction, construction types, and recommended general advice for maintaining your home.
  • One year warranty inspections: Similar to a standard home inspection as well as evaluating for changes since the purchase, and highlighting issues builders cover in their warranty system. 
  • Radon testing: One of only a few in North Carolina licensed by AARST-NRPP to perform Radon Measurements. This is a scientist level certification demonstrating high proficiency in all characteristics of the noble gas “Radon”, including health and environmental hazards.
  • Thermal Imaging: While not quite “X-Ray Vision”, thermal cameras offer advanced diagnostics of suspicious areas by allowing us to detect non-visible variables concealed in wall/floor/ceiling cavities. Infrared is typically utilized to find elevated moisture or energy loss conditions.
  • Drone inspections: As an FAA licensed UAS pilot, we deploy drones with 4k cameras to fully inspect all exterior areas of the home for defects.  This is very helpful to view roofs, chimney caps, and other areas not easily accessible or visible from the ground.